DIY Love

I’m tired of my walls being so bare and lonely! DIY projects are so fun, cheap, and it feels so much better to say ‘I made that’ rather than ‘I bought that’. I’ve been a little short on time but here is some of my favorite DIY inspiration that I hope to get to soon! 

I loove paper cutting and would love to someday have a laser cutter. The designs you can find are so amazing. There’s no way I have enough patience for something like this right now but maybe something on a little smaller scale..

Like this! I love anything in shadow boxes and this is really neat!

Whenever I go to thrift stores or the Dollar Store I’m always looking for neat plastic toys. I’ve seen a lot of neat things done with them but these bookends are adorable.

This is definitely on my to-do list soon! I’m always on the hunt for neat frame or weird thrift store pictures and I really love this idea.

It’s also really hard to find drift wood for some reason. But I really want to do something like this and hang it in my bathroom!

Dream catchers are my favoriteeeee.. I really need to make one… or a hundred.



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